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The D&D K9 Dynamics Academy is a 5-week intensive team-building course, that takes place at our training center and surrounding areas in Gladstone, Michigan. While enrolled, you and your K9 will learn the theory and practical application of your K9’s chosen skillsets.

You will be tired. You will be dirty. You will be frustrated.

You may be injured. You may be overwhelmed. You may wonder if you made the right choice.

You will also feel gratification like nothing you’ve experienced before. You will learn a level of mutual trust you never thought possible. You will wake up to a partner who is excited to go to work and spend every second by your side. You will realize how fortunate you are to find yourself in

a profession and lifestyle most people will never even understand.

You will one day be asked if it was worth it and, with a smile on your face, won’t hesitate to answer


The core content of our academy curriculum is as follows.

Industry Overview
Range of utilization
Determining community needs
Handler and K9 selection and pairing
K9 unit goals and expectations

Essential Standards
Record keeping

Genetics, Behavioral, and Canine Predispositions
Understanding instincts and drives
Communication channels
Understanding and utilizing reciprocal body language
Learning to work within genetic canine needs

Overcoming sensitivities
Understanding common environmental triggers
Confidence building

K9 Handling
Strengthening teamwork
Handler protection
Understanding odor
Article search
Patrol and apprehension
Control, outing, and recall
Building search
Area search
Vehicle Extractions
Vehicle Bailouts

Building Drive
Maintaining handler excitement
Muzzle work

Legal Standards
Policies and procedures
Use of force
Probable Cause
Appropriate K9 utilization
Traffic stops
Search and seizure
Drug detection and interdiction
Alarms, open doors, and building searches
Area searches
Property searches
High risk traffic stops

Handler and Departmental Responsibilities
Education for non-handler officers
Scene preparation
Ensuring K9 safety and assessment of risk
Non-handler interactions with K9s

Training Upkeep
Individual and group training schedules
Ensuring variation
Behavioral monitoring and corrective training

Preparing for a K9
Departmental requirements
Necessary equipment and training aids
Expected budgeting

Canine Maintenance
Consistent health checks
Canine first aid
Equipment functionality and upkeep

Auxiliary Curriculum

The basics of K9 handling and operation is not enough. Without community support, fundraising efforts, outreach programs, and a laundry-list of industry specific contacts and recommendations, your department’s K9 program faces an exhausting and unnecessary process of trial and error, research, and frustration. To supplement our core academy curriculum, we also provide education on all the best practices for building a well-funded, efficient, and effective K9 program.

K9 Program-Specific 501(c)(3) Implementation Guidelines and Checklist
The fastest and most effective way to raise donations, gain benefactor support, and involve the community in a K9 program is establishing a departmental K9-specific non-profit. Not only does it provide a platform for community fundraising efforts, it also allows donors to make a tax-deductible contribution directly to the K9 program, utilizing all the benefits of a charitable organization. In addition to our standard curriculum, we walk you through a how-to checklist and best practices for establishing your 501(c)(3)

Non-Profit Communication, Branding, and Online Presence Best Practices
Alongside public demonstrations and meet-and-greets, utilizing polished and thought-through communication channels is essential for both engaging the community and staying modern, in a constantly changing world of visuals. Our marketing team provides simplified guides for representing your K9 program professionally and for connecting with your community clearly and articulately.

Fundraising Techniques and Concepts, Applicable to Every Community
We have worked with numerous 501(c)(3) organizations and individual fundraisers from across the country to curate a collection of fundraising strategies and approaches to help you hit the ground running. As part of our supplementary curriculum, we walk you through an adaptive list of concepts and techniques that are applicable to any community.

Grant and Sponsorship Proposal Identification and Acquisition Procedures
In addition to benefactors and community donations, grants and long-term sponsorships are excellent methods of funding a K9 program. We provide practical advice and insight on locating and applying for grants and sponsorships, both general and K9-specific.

Training Aid and Equipment Procurement
In order to be prepared for all eventualities, to ensure the safety of you and your K9, and to perform to the highest achievable levels, you’ll need a selection of industry-specific gear and equipment. Like with all retail industries, it’s hard to know what you truly need, and which is the best option for your specific circumstance. We help you navigate the options and provide guidance on quality brands and vendors.

Public Relations and Community Engagement
Your K9 is the greatest PR tool your department could ever ask for. Our public relations engagement primer walks you through creative and actionable strategies to build community support.