Academy sessions take place over a 5-week period each Spring and Fall. Our location in Northern Michigan ensures a range of weather in both seasons, allowing for training opportunities to ensure you and your K9 are comfortable and confident, working in the widest possible array of situations.

Prior to each academy start, we work with a 2-6 month window, matching currently available dogs with prospective handlers. In the event the handler-to-dog ratio is higher than average or there is a customized need for a dog with a specific temperament or skill set, we work with our breeders to determine the best possible pairing, then conduct pre-service training, as needed.

Upcoming Group Academies

We are now enrolling for our Spring, 2022 academy. Please click here to contact us to enroll.

Handler/Dog Pairing Sessions

We are currently pairing handlers and dogs. Please click here for a listing of our available dogs.

Individual Academies

If you are interested in an individual academy, or would like to begin the training process before our next scheduled sessions, please contact us to set up personalized training.