Our Values

We’re in the K9 business to do things right. Our highest reviews come from the communities that feel safe, from the families that had a lost loved one returned to them, and from the children that know their city’s K9 by name and can’t wait for the next meet-and-greet. We’re in this for the handlers that want to keep growing, that want to keep learning, and that want to put in the effort. We build K9 teams to see that moment – that one moment where everything clicks. It’s that moment where the handler and the dog realize – fully and completely – how to communicate, work with, and trust each other.

These are our values. These are what we stand for.

These are our commitments to you.

Free maintenance training for the life of your K9

Improvement, adaptation, and fine-tuning are essential for every single K9 team, and the only true way to foster such growth is through on-the-job, real-world experience. After graduating the D&D K9 Academy, your everyday interactions, on the job and at home, will shape and personalize your views and understanding of K9 work. As situations present themselves you may identify mannerisms, behavioral anomalies, or unexpected complications. They could present through environmental sensitivities, shifting community needs, or legal and policy changes. It’s a fact of life that life will happen. Our commitment to your training and the success of your team means we provide free maintenance training at the D&D K9 Training Center for the life of your K9. Schedule a training session and we’ll work with you to analyze, correct, and build the proficiency of your team. 

In-house, custom-built K9 training environments

Our adaptive and diverse training environments are a matter of pride for us and an essential part of situational desensitization training for you and your K9. We’ve worked with handlers and training groups and learned from first responder training facilities around the country to identify an incredibly broad array of expected real-world situations and working environments. Our modular high-pressure training facilities, confidence building course, and numerous in-area partnerships provide a range of environments to ensure comfortability in any on-the-job situation.

Health and genetic guarantee

Every D&D K9 is backed by a one-year genetic health guarantee. Bred from proven lineages, each dog undergoes a thorough health and wellness check both before and after import, but we understand latent conditions can sometimes take months or years to present. In the event a genetic disorder displays in your K9, we will provide a replacement, free of charge.

Transparent and structured curriculum and practices

Open communication is the strongest tool a department has toward making inroads with the community. K9s are the fastest way to build those communication channels and we’ve taken that concept to heart. We build trusted K9 teams and that means we need to earn the trust of your department. All D&D training practices and curriculum are open, and transparent. Please see the following pages for an overview of the topics and curriculum we teach during our Academy. If you’d like a more in-depth breakdown of how we work, please give us a call. We are here to educate.

Prioritized socialization training

All D&D graduating teams are fully socialized. This sounds like a simple statement, but it’s a skill set that is far too often overlooked. A socialized K9 connects with communities through school demonstrations. They comfort those grieving after a traumatic experience. A socialized K9 instantly becomes a department mascot, fostering a strong relationship between citizens and law enforcement. We build K9 teams that aren’t just seen by the community – they’re part of the community.

Consistent hands-on instruction

We are with you, in-person, through every step of your training. Guidance and education are most effective through face-to-face instruction and that’s how we work with every team.

Variable weather, time of day, and situational training

Life doesn’t stop at night. Missing elderly, lost children, or fleeing suspects don’t wait for good weather. Proficiency training means exposure to as many real-world environmental factors as possible. Our K9 Academy takes advantage of the best and the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Day or night, rain or sun, one hundred percent humidity or gusting winds – learn to love it, because we’re training in it.

Full utility proficiency

K9s wear a lot of hats on the job: protector, goodwill ambassador, detector, pursuer, partner, and everything in-between. Our teaching practices and curriculum are structured to ensure proficiency in every skill set, not just one or two.

Free enrollment in all yearly training and upkeep seminars

K9 upkeep and maintenance training means staying current both in skill and in knowledge. Any time we host one-off and annual events, seminars, certifications, or classes to stay up-to-date on new training practices, or shifting directions in the K9 industry, all D&D K9 Academy graduates are automatically enrolled for free.


You expect results. We’ll work hard to help you achieve those results. We expect you to come with an open mind, ready to observe, listen, and learn what your dog is telling you. While you are teaching your dog, they will be teaching you. We’ll help each of you communicate with and understand the other.